Adobe Photoshop Express Uploader

Adobe Photoshop Express Uploader 1.0

Upload your photos to your gallery with Express Uploader

Adobe has its own social network at where you can upload your photos and videos, and share them with your family and friends, providing that they are members too. This program allows you to create photo and video albums and upload them to your personal page. The interface is very attractive and easy to use. First, you need to browse your system to find the files you want to upload. Once you have chosen them, you can create albums so you can group photos and videos with the same theme. It is possible to name the album so you and your contacts can have an idea about its content. Then, you can drag the photos to the album (or to the uploading panel if you decided not to create an album). Once you have done this, you just need to click on the Upload button and the program will upload your photos or albums. The uploading speed is very good, but it depends on your connection speed. An interesting feature is the ability to synchronize your albums automatically. That is, you only need to add or delete photos from a particular album on the interface and click on the Sync button for these changes to reflect in your online albums. You need to have a account to leverage all the program's capabilities. The basic account is absolutely free.

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